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Group Retreat

From Sam to You provided an amazing food at a great price. I’d recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them for future events

Sarah Lunnon

Private Catering

If you haven’t tried Sam’s food, do, it’s absolutely awesome, made in Stroud with passion and love, you can tell , it’s in the taste.

David Brewin

"I can’t thank you enough for how much this has helped me in just a short few weeks... everything from the mix of salad and herbs down to the way you guys wrap my raw chocolate bars you can just tell so much thought and effort has gone into everything you do, the colours, flavours and smells are are amazing."

Lance Miles

"I was mesmerised by the sudden and profound changes in my body and mind. Apart from being delicious, and satisfying, I found that my focus and energy levels change dramatically for the better"

Vanni Gasbarri

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